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Dean R. Nicyper

T: 212-412-9504
E: dnicyper@fzwz.com

Mr. Nicyper's practice has focused on commercial disputes, art law, intellectual property, product liability, and securities litigation and investigations.  He also has litigated matters involving mergers and acquisitions, the First Amendment, media, constitutional law, and environmental contamination.  He has handled trials and cases in federal and state courts around the country.  In addition, Mr. Nicyper has negotiated and drafted many agreements in art and intellectual property transactions.   

Among his various clients, Mr. Nicyper has successfully represented one of the two largest art auction houses in dozens of lawsuits covering a broad range of art law related issues, such as authenticity of works of art, art fraud, auction law, consignment obligations as well as rights and obligations of parties in loan transactions where works of art have been pledged as collateral.  He also has represented artists and their families and foundations, art dealers and agents, art collectors and art appraisers in many art-related disputes.  He was lead counsel in the initial cases uncovering the two largest art fraud scandals in the past 15 years.  ABC's "Good Morning America" program relied on his expertise in a program it aired concerning a dispute over allegedly stolen art.

In addition, Mr. Nicyper provided the leadership as chair of a bar association committee that resulted in the drafting and enactment of New York legislation detailing the rights and obligations of dealers and artists in art consignment relationships.  He currently is the Chair of the Art Law Committee of the New York City Bar Association.  

Mr. Nicyper also has extensive experience in product liability litigation around the country.  Court TV relied on his product liability expertise, having him appear several times as a commentator for featured product liability cases.

He also represented large investment institutions in connection with investigations by the Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as in private civil actions.  He additionally has extensive experience defending clients against securities law claims.

Mr. Nicyper's environmental litigation experience has primarily involved groundwater contamination, soil contamination and hazardous waste issues.  He has handled large Superfund cases as well as responses to state and federal environmental investigations around the country.

Mr. Nicyper joined our firm in 1994 after nine years of practice at Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP in New York.